3.3. Hunting

player can go to Battlefield to fight criminals
3.3.1. Each fight costs 30 stamina. Players can choose one among 4 wanted criminals to fight, and each criminal has a different winning probability (20%, 35%, 50%, or 70%). Players earn Belly by winning the battle.
Winning rate: 20% Exp: 40-50 Rewards: 21 - 30 Bellies
Winning rate: 35% Exp: 35-40 Rewards: 13-20 Bellies
Winning rate: 50% Exp: 30-35 Rewards: 8-12 Bellies
Winning rate: 70% Exp: 20-30 Rewards: 6-8 Bellies
* Rewards will be locked for 5 days and can withdraw at the 6th day. Hence, at day 7th you can withdraw rewards from first day and second day, at day 8th you can withdraw rewards from first day to third day, and so on.
Note: Different Element also affects the winning rate. For example: Fire Merc has additional 5-10% winning rate against Wood criminals, but will be deducted 5-10% winning rate against Water criminals. Dark Merc has additional range of winning rate from -10% to +10% against Light criminals and vice versa.
*** Boosting option when go hunting: there are 2 options that player can choose when go hunting in wanted room:
  • Normal attack
  • Speedbattle: for user that don't have time to play, they can choose speedbattle to complete all their remaining battle of the day at once. This feature will not cost any stamina, however users have to pay 4 Belly/Merc each time they use Speedbattle.
** Note: each time users can choose maximum 4 Merc in speedbattle, so the Belly used will be multiplied by 4. For example, if user chooses 4 Merc for Speedbattle, total cost will be 16 Belly.
Max Stamina: 150/150.
Note: in order to recover the stamina, you need to pay a "salary" of 4 Belly to your Merc every 24 hours. This "Salary" will be automatically deducted from your first Victory battle of the day.
Stamina recovery speed may vary depends on the rarity of Merc.
Stamina recovery table:
Recovery speed (1 stamina)
Max battle/day/Merc
7 minutes
6 minutes
5 minutes
4 minutes
3 minutes
2 minutes
1 minutes