2.7. Research Center

All you Devil Fruits will be listed here and can be used to upgrade your Merc.
Phase 1: Ori Ori no Mi is the first Devil Fruit available in the game. More types of Devil Fruit will be available at later stage.
Ori Ori no Mi is used to help Merc get passed thresholds to the next tier.
3 main functions of Research Center:
  • Defusion: defuse a merc to get Ori Ori no Mi fruit or Belly.
  • Upgrade: upgrade merc to pass threshold from level 10 to 11, 20 to 21, 30 to 31… Upgrading process requires 500 Belly
  • Fusion: fuse 2 merc with same rarity to create higher rarity merc (i.e: fuse 2 Common Merc to create a Rare Merc). Fusion process requires 1000 Belly.
Requirement to upgrade: merc must be at highest level and full experience.
Material to upgrade: Ori Ori no Mi fruit & Belly.